Washington DC Capoeira: Capoeira Documentary Screening

Posted: January 30, 2011 by dccapoiera in capoeira
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Don’t forget to come to Bloombars on Tuesday, February 1st at 7:00 pm

BloomBars and the Washington Portuguese Language Meetup will be hosting a Capoeira demonstration; lesson, and a film screening. The Capoeira demonstration will be led by our very own Contra-Mestre Bomba and members of Barro Vermelho Capoeira of Washington, DC, and the film screening will be followed by a discussion, via Skype, with the director Steve Bartholomew.

“Capoeira: The Dance of Freedom” – explores the enigmatic culture of the Afro-Brazilian fight/dance of capoeira. Drawing from Brazilian and American scholars as well as capoeira masters, the culture of capoeira is explored from its fragmented history, its movements and songs, to its influence on American pop-culture. Interviews juxtaposed with dynamic action footage help to make this film fast paced and informative.

RSVP on Facebook to attend this film; invite your friends!
(Please note – Capoeira demonstration

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