Washington DC Capoeira: Making a Traditional Capoeira Corda Rank Belt

Posted: February 9, 2011 by dccapoiera in capoeira, capoeira traditions, how to, training tips
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Part of learning Capoeira involves learning the traditions that are handed down from teacher to student and have survived in tact since slave times. By the time someone reaches the rank of mestre, they will not only be skilled in the movements of capoeira, but they will be able to play all the traditional instruments, know all the capoeira songs and be able to make cordas (rank belts) and even instruments like the berimbau, pandera, and attabaque from scratch with nothing but some wood and hand tools.

After class on a recent saturday, contra mestre bomba was showing some of his students how to make a traditional corda rank belt by hand. It involves four people and two very long cords of rope that are made of strings that are twisted together by hand.

The following three videos show the manufacture of the corda in three phases, the beginning, middle and end. It’s not meant to be an instructional, but should give you an idea of what is involved in something as simple as making a belt. Note that all four people must work together to make one belt. Like all things in capoeira, teamwork is key. You don’t achieve anything worthwhile in capoeira by yourself.

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