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This past sunday we took advantage of the nice weather to practice outdoors.  We did our morning class outside the U street metro in front of the African American Civil War Memorial.    Weather permitting, we will  be conducting more outdoor classes either here or at other nearby parks.  Here are some photos from class.

The corda from Brazil for the graduation ceremony finally arrived by mail:

We will be dyeing the cord and cutting it for the upcoming graduation ceremony which is scheduled for June. Keep checking this site or our Facebook page for updates.

One of things that makes capoeira unique is the use of musical instruments. The instruments like the berimbau and drums originated in africa and the knowledge of how to make and play these instruments were preserved from the time of slavery and passed down from one generation to another.

We will soon start having lessons on how to play the traditional capoeira instruments at Bloombars after the saturday or sunday capoeira class. Students for either the Bloombars morning weekend classes or the BTI Dance studio sunday afternoon classes are welcome to attend. Check on this website or our facebook page for more info.

Classes have resumed at Bloombars on Saturday and Sunday mornings and at BTI Dance studio on Sunday afternoons. We will be having a graduation within the next month or so, so keep coming to class and practicing. Also, wear your uniforms to class so that we can take pictures for the website. When we have an exact date for the graduation, we will post it on this blog and the Facebook Page.