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Here are several capoeira events — rodas, batizados, and festivals — coming up soon in the Washington, DC area:

Brazil Day Festival
  • brazil-day-washington-dc-capoeiraSaturday, September 9th
  • 11 am – 6 pm
  • Location: The Yards Park, 4th Street S.E. and Tingey Street, Washington DC (near Nationals Stadium)
  • Free to attend!
  • Capoeira performance at 3:00 – 3:30 pm – Anyone know what group is performing?
  • Learn more
Capoeira Sul da Bahia’s 7th Batizado

This past Saturday, Barro Vermelho Capoeira (Washington DC) joined forces with Grupo Candeias (Alexandria VA) for an exhibition all about Brazil at American University.

A project of AU student Mason Drastal, Brazil: An Exhibition On South America’s Emerging Powerhouse featured a talk about Afro-Brazilian Educational Justice by Dr. Clarence Lusane, live bossa nova music by Para Ti, a samba performance from our friends at Zezeh Brazil, and a participatory demonstration from Barro Vermelho and Grupo Candeias!

We had a great time talking to AU students and teaching them about the tradition of capoeira and its connection to the history and culture of Brazil. Remember, students – your first class is free! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for news about our new weekday classes.

We would like to thank Grupo Candeias VA and Mason Drastal for helping us and allowing us to exhibit! Also a special thank-you to students Ashley and Dante for joining Contra Mestre Bomba in the demonstration.

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On October 16 Ginga Capoeira in New York will be having a batizado. Contra Mestre Bomba will be attending and encourage all of you to attend as well. This is a good opportunity to make contact with capoeiristas from other cities and should be fun! Let us know via Facebook if you want further details.

Amalia Castro School M142
100 Attorney Street
New York, NY 10002

RSVP on Facebook

This year they will have a batizado, troca de cordas, and special special workshops from the following instructors:

  • Mestre ITAPOAN of Ginga Capoeira in Bahia, Brazil
  • Mestre PAULAO of Arte Regional Capoeira in Brasilia, Brazil
  • Mestre ROBERTINHO of Ginga Capoeira in Bahia, Brazil
  • Contra-Mestre Bomba of Barro Vermelho Capoeira in Washington, DC

Scheduled Workshops Include:

  • Sequences of Mestre Bimba.
  • Playing the Berinbau (Toques de Berinbau)
  • History of Capoeira
  • And more!

The cost to attend is very reasonable: Price Schedule for outside participants. For 4 workshops and the lecture, it’s $100. Per workshop, it is $30 and the price for each lecture is $20. There’s also a package for 2 workshops for $50.

Special Guests will include Mestre Flavio (Sao Paulo); Mestre Edna Lima (Abada Capoeira, New York); Mestre Onbrinho (New York); Contra Mestre Alemao (New York); Contra Mestre Japa Sezala (Los Angeles); Contra Mestre Lampreia (New York); Professor Toeurero (Connecticut); Professor Cebolinho (New Jersey); Professor Negao (New Jersey); Professor Pitbull (Senzala Capoeira, New York); Professor Banto (Romania); Instructor Costela, Instructor Ra (Senzala Capoeira, New York).