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This week we have been practicing Mestre Bimba’s sequences. These are drills between two players to help learn how to put the movements together into combinations of attacks and defensive movements or evasions.

We’ll start with sequence #1:mestre bimba sequence 1 - capoeira washington dc

Player One (Plain Pants) Meia Lua de Frente, Meia Lua de Frente, Armada, Aú
Player Two (Striped Pants) Cocorinha, Cocorinha, Negativa, Cabeçada
Step 1 The two players begin to ginga
Step 2 Player One steps forward towards Player Two in order to be in the position to attack
Step 3 Player One attacks with Meia Lua de Frente, while Player Two defends with Cocorinha
Step 4 When Player One finished the kick Player Two stands up
Step 5 Player One attacks again with Meia Lua de Frente. Player Two defends with Cocorinha
Step 6 Player One finishes the kick but instead of taking the foot back to the ginga position, finishes with the foot forward in a position to attack with Armada
Step 7 Player One attacks with Armada
Step 8 Player Two defends with Negativa, positioning the foot behind Player Ones support leg, in order to take him down
Step 9 Player One escapes with an Aú
Step 10 Player Two attacks with a Cabeçada (while Player One is still in the Au)


Read more about the sequences here: Mestre Bimba’s Sequences

Practice the moves and learn more at our next Washington DC Capoeira class!