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Thanks to everyone who joined us for class this Saturday, here’s the photo we took after we wrapped up!

Capoeira Classes Weeknights Saturdays Washington DC

This past Saturday, Barro Vermelho Capoeira (Washington DC) joined forces with Grupo Candeias (Alexandria VA) for an exhibition all about Brazil at American University.

A project of AU student Mason Drastal, Brazil: An Exhibition On South America’s Emerging Powerhouse featured a talk about¬†Afro-Brazilian Educational Justice by Dr. Clarence Lusane, live bossa nova music by Para Ti, a samba performance from our friends at Zezeh Brazil, and a participatory demonstration from Barro Vermelho and Grupo Candeias!

We had a great time talking to AU students and teaching them about the tradition of capoeira and its connection to the history and culture of Brazil. Remember, students – your first class is free! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for news about our new weekday classes.

We would like to thank Grupo Candeias VA and Mason Drastal for helping us and allowing us to exhibit! Also a special thank-you to students Ashley and Dante for joining Contra Mestre Bomba in the demonstration.

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Ashley and Lauren practice media lua de compaso and esquiva lateral.

Our Capoeira regional class on Sundays at BloomBars was recently featured in an article for the George Washington University student newspaper, The Hatchet.

In “BloomBars Cultivates and Grows D.C. Arts,” the author points out:

Other classes offered include belly dancing, capoeira – a unique Brazilian form of martial arts and bachata – a style of dance originating in the Dominican Republic. Every third Thursday of the month, Cipherstock takes the stage to perform a two-hour jam session without competition, fees or pressure.

We were happy to see our class on the front page of this student-run newspaper and look forward to seeing GW students in our classes!

Classes at BloomBars are from 11:00 – noon every Sunday. You can also join us on Saturday mornings at 10:30 – noon at the Dance Institute of Washington.