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Next, we will learn Mestre Bimba’s Sequence #2!

sequence 2

Player One (Plain Pants) Martelo, Martelo, Cocorinha, Benção, Aú
Player Two (Striped Pants) Banda, Banda, Armada, Negativa, Cabeçada
Step 1 The two players begin to ginga
Step 2 Player One attacks with Martelo but Player Two tries to sweep him with Banda (but doesn’t!)
Step 3 Player One attacks again with Martelo (opposite leg) and once again Player Two tries to sweep him with Banda (but doesn’t!)
Step 4 Player Two attacks with Armada
Step 5 Player One defends with Cocorinha
Step 6 Player One stands and attacks with Benção
Step 7 Player Two defends with Negativa
Step 8 Player One escapes with an Aú
Step 9 Player Two attacks with a Cabeçada (while Player One is still in the Au)


Hope you are staying safe, dry and with power still.

According to All Souls’ website the building will be closed tomorrow so there will not be capoeira class. Please let your classmates know! 

Hope to see you Thursday instead!



Headed to Columbia Heights Day? You won’t want to miss it!!

At 1:30 pm to 2 pm, Capoeira Barro Vermelho will put on a mini-class and do some capoeira play on Harriet Tubman Elementary School’s field at Kenyon from 11th to 13th Streets. 

PLEASE come out and show your support by participating in the class! Everyone is invited.

This will be a great time to get a taste of capoeira in general and learn more about the classes and October specials. 

Capoeira class tonight is canceled because of the tornado watch. See you on Thursday!

Due to the rainy weather, there will not be capoeira class today, usually scheduled for 10:30 – 12 noon in the upper grassy part of Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. If you are ever wondering, please check our Facebook Group, where we post the latest updates and news.

View our complete schedule of Washington DC capoeira classes.

There will NOT be any Barro Vermelho capoeira classes at All Souls or BloomBars in Columbia Heights this week. This includes both kids and adult capoeira classes. Our instructor, Contra Mestra Bomba, will be taking a vacation with his family.

No Classes on:

  • Saturday, March 31
  • Sunday, April 1
  • Tuesday, March 3
  • Thursday, March 5
Classes will resume on Saturday, April 7th at their normal times — 9:00 am at BloomBars for kids; 10:30 am for adults at All Souls.

If you would still like to train, please let us know in our Facebook Group. If enough people are interested, we can set up a training time in a nearby park.