Washington DC Capoeira: Practicing basics and timing

Posted: February 5, 2011 by dccapoiera in capoeira
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Here’s a video featuring Lauren and Pete, two of Contra Mestre’s Bomba’s students who have been training for about 6 months. In this drill, one person executes an Armada (spinning crescent kick) and the other person counters by sweeping the leg with a rasteira. While it’s important to practice the kicks and dodges by yourself, in order to improve, you must practice with a partner to get your timing right and to learn how to anticipate where an attack will come from. Equally important is learning who to esquiva, or rasteira in the right direction. If you dodge the right way, your opponent’s kick will sail harmlessly over you, but if you do it the wrong way, you are vulnerable to a kick right to the head.

So practice this drill safely by taking turns and making sure to make contact with the attacker’s ankle when you sweep, then follow through with your movement without taking out your opponent’s supporting leg. If you are practicing on the beach, you can sweep your opponent completely, but in the beginning, just focus on your timing without making your opponent fall.

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